Words from The Wicked

7/4/2013 - 9 new levels are coming soon. Get ready your friends. You need lots of them.
21/3/2013 - 10 new levels will come next week.
19/2/2013 - 14 new levels were released instead.
18/1/2013 - 9 new levels are coming this Wednesday. Stay tuned.
16/08/2012 - It is now no longer possible to skip levels. Finally fixed a major bug in determining endpoints.
15/05/2012 - 6 new easy levels are released. These are the last easy levels before you get seriously mind fucked.
15/4/2011 - 10 levels are now available.
14/4/2011 - Interface is now taking shape
13/4/2011 - Work began on "No Rest For The Wicked" with Facebook integration

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